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Time: 2.30 in the afternoon
Day: Tuesday
Place: Colonel's office
Tag: Helga and everyone in the Nouvion

Colonel Von Sthrom sat in his office staring at the papers laying on the desk in front of him. He was little bit nervous and for a moment he even felt some sort of sadness, but he expelled the feeling when he heard the sharp knock on the door. Helga stepped in and Von Sthrom asked her to sit down. After all, he was about to tell her big news. Read more...Collapse )

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OK! I'm not dead yet, and neither is Nouvion. The plan is to create another community for OOG posts jus to make things more orderly (thank  you for the nice word,akashasheiress) XD I'll let you all know when it's properly up.
Also there's going to be new game post starting a whole new storyline in near future, so keep your eyes open!
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Ok! What about getting that 3rd character for you? Because the nubber of players seems to be growing veeeeeeeery sloooowly it's possibly best to allow 3characrers/player.
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Not sure about ze rules for advertising communities, but there is a community I found called thequeenshead, so if you want to go wildy plotless I'll be zere, too. :)

Don't worry, I'll still be 'ere too. ;)

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Just letting you people know that I'll be out of town for the weekend, and so I'll be mostly out of touch until Sunday. 

But then I promse I'll get some writing done.:)

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EDIT: I just noticed zis:

Time: 2 in ze morning.
Day: Sunday night.
Place: Ze cafe.
Tag: Rene, ze cafe people (zough zey have no journals yet), ze germans and ze airmen.

Michelle goes to find Rene and the airmen...Collapse )

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1. 2. 3. 4.

Take away!

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OK! This is it! I made this community so that we could better sort out this whole RP thingie! 

The current characters are:

So René is taken now, but all the characters in the following list are still available.
Edith Melba Artois
Yvette Carte-Blanche
Maria Recamier
Mimi Labonq
Madame Fanny La Fan
Monsieur Roger Leclerc
Monsieur Ernest Leclerc
Captain Alberto Bertorelli
Colonel Kurt Von Strohm
Herr Engelbert Von Smallhausen
General Erich von Klinkerhoffen
General Leopold von Flockenstuffen
Denise Laroque
RAF Flight Lt. Fairfax
RAF Flight Lt. Carstairs 
Monsieur Alfonse

Make a post, create a journal, the stage is yours!

I myself was thinking of maybe giving up my ltn Gruber, because it's unfair that I should have two important, sexy, german master race males to play with... I would like to take perhaps Carstairs, Faifax or Louise in his place, and one of you newcomers could jump into Gruber's jackboots. Make suggestions...

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